Great Websites I LOVE



I LOVE these websites and would very much recommend a visit, they are a great reason to leave Doodle Land

Cheerio for now till next time…….

Creative Cloud Design

A Fantastic Web and Graphic Design Company who designed this scrummy Website


Wrought Iron Sussex

Your in for a treat Matthew is a Metal Artist and I am in Love with his work, he is such a smashing fella too. *Hello Matthew I am waving *

Dymond Jewellery

Carron is a scrummy delicious lady who is amazing at making her own jewellery, from designing new and magical pieces to adapting old jewellery and magically making something nicer. Enjoy


Moon Back Baskets

The Lovely Becks, makes personalised, beautiful baskets and Jars of lovely Magicalness, they are great for gifts! A Real Treat…Go on take a look


Prize Finder