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Memory Doodles, How it works Prices & Stages………..

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Memory Doodles are Personalised Bespoke Doodles created using Permenant Ink on minimum depth 3mm PerspexThey are designed to be hung 2-3cms from the wall either using screw brackets from the four corners or chains attached to the ceiling…this allows for beautiful doodle shadows to compliment the Doodle Memory…… It adds a whole new dimension of Doodletasticness.


All sizes and colours are available and can be ordered to suit you and your requirements


To Order a deposit is required along with the answers to a fun questionnaire that prompts you to dig deep for memories for the Doodle.


Prices start at……….


A4 – £55


A3 – £95


A2 – £175


A1 – £280


A0 – £485


Hope that helps


Email me at lorna@zipadeedoodle.co.uk with any questions that you may have……


Lets all create some Doodletastic Memories


P.S need a specific size well just ask and I would be very happy to help

Heart illustration Doodle

Heart illustration Doodle



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